Over eight years’ experience in web technologies, knowledge solutions, digital content and business process optimisation.


Lean Six Sigma – Green Belt

  • Develop, review and communicate business procedures and documentation
  • Provide technical advice on all aspects of process implementation and measurement
  • Continuous improvement methodologies, reporting and data analysis
  • Negotiate and implement Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Develop and review Best Practice Procedures (BPPs)
  • Stakeholder management and engagement
  • Contingency and emergency planning


Microsoft SharePoint, WordPress, IBM WebSphere

  • Strong experience in content authoring and engaging media
  • Content publication and management,┬ácontent reviews and updates
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing, review and auditing
  • Advocate Information Architecture methodology
  • Enhance quality, standards and usability of Intranet pages
  • Develop, maintain and champion Intranet policies, procedures and processes
  • Prepare, design and provide training for knowledge solutions
  • Collaborative solutions for virtual teams


HTML 5, InDesign

  • Create corporate branded templates and briefs for both delivery online and in print
  • Develop communications for system and process change readiness activities
  • Use Internet technologies and interactive media to engage an audience
  • Communicate appropriately around sensitive topics, such as media issues


PHP 5, ASPX, JavaScript, SQL

  • Develop, design and evaluate web-based solutions
  • User acceptance testing, design and evaluation
  • Object-oriented programming for web development
  • Content extraction and data migration for online solutions


CSS 3, jQuery, PhotoShop

  • Apply user interface design principles
  • User-centred design techniques (working with end users)
  • Usability principles, accessibility guidelines and standards

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